I am available for individual private sessions offering intuitive personal guidance, tools and resources to enhance wellbeing, vision and life purpose. My works helps people to feel more free, courageous and creative in promoting their own balance, inner peace and transformation. 1-ON-1 sessions offer intensive, focused, but free-style dialogues, reflections and teachings. 

With a holistic approach to life, I provide consulting and support in the following main areas:​


Self awareness, self-worth, self-realisation
Identifying and releasing mental and emotional blockages
Authentic living and communication
Redefining healthy life
Personal choices & individual responsibilities
Courage, creativity & perspectives
Practical and substantial lifestyle changes


Definitions and reality check to eco life
Understanding various botanical extractions
Holistic aromatherapy matrix
Herbalism and aromatic medicine
Buyers guide to natural products
From home use to professional aromatherapy
Plants as messengers


Choices beyond conventional treatments
Alternative and complementary therapies
Challenges, balance & flow
Meditative practices
Spiritual development
Mindful living

If you are interested in my sessions or workshops and would like to work with me, please get in touch!

Feel free to get in touch and give a me a short description of your project.

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