Never without my camera! Literally almost… as I passionately love to capture beauty in life. Nature is an ultimate source of inspiration, just as well as witnessing people in their true nature. To support my own personality blossom to search, watch, listen, understand, act, react and reflect thoughts, feelings and actions of other living beings I offer my photography to inspire, enlighten and encourage men and women in their endeavours while manifesting their projects with visually expressive images.


I also accept invitations to travel & work on projects abroad. I am delighted to go & cooperate with artists, healers, therapists, organic farmers, aromatic plant growers, essential oil distillers, botanical perfumers, and likeminded fellows involved in retreats, eco-tourism and self-development programmes.

Did I miss your life-changing passion on my list? Please feel free to get in touch if you’d like to co-create and have your work manifested out there in the wider world.

Not only that I am passionate about anything that contributes to our holistic way of living, but I have a marketing mind to capture the essence of what is important in a message to reach out to the world. This is why I have created my Creative Journeys to support others in their missions to bring along their dreams and let them manifest!

If you are interested in my photography or our inspiring programme for yourself I am here to make that happen!

Feel free to get in touch and give a me a short description of your project.

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