Red Tent – The Aromatic Journey

Red Tent - The Aromatic Journey

Date(s) - 10/03/2016
7:00 pm - 10:30 pm

Joelle's yurt at Paidochori


In this Red Tent Ildiko will take us on an aromatic journey to discover pleasurable ways to nourish ourselves and practical plant-based tools for life-transforming practices. She will introduce us into the scented world of aromatherapy which beyond the physical means, subtly develops high level of consciousness in relation to our alliance, healthy way of life, and connectedness to nature.

Aromatherapy in some forms, is probably already there in most of our lives. Within this inspirational circle of sharing, supporting and nourishing each other, we learn more about this holistic complementary alternative therapy that helps restoring and promoting balance on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level by using essential oils and other herbal formulations.

The red tent is a meeting amongst women in a place where they can feel a very calm ambiance, in an environment where intimacy is created.

In the past, groups of women from different cultures and different ages came together to share their experiences, knowledge and secrets about the issues concerning them. For subjects like pregnancy and menstruation. The aim of the modern red tents is to recreate this handover from women to women, coming closer to share our emotional surges, our concerns, our ideas without taboos and with absolute honesty and trust. We are going to explore the source of happiness and solidarity, giving the opportunity to approach the woman in different perspectives.

We welcome all women who feel this call, giving respect for each other in the Red Tent knowing that we enter here with many diverse beliefs and lifestyles.

The red tent will take place in the Joelle’s yurt on Thursday, March 10th starting 7 pm and will be about 3 hours. The cost is 10 euros or anything else for exchange and you can bring snacks for sharing.

We ask you to dress in red, or alternatively orange, pink, purple or burgundy.

​Please inform Joelle (6977826917) or Ingrid Margarita (6974143598) about your coming.
Or join the event on Red Tent Crete’s facebook page.

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