Plant Walk – A Sense of Herbal Summer

Plant Walk - A Sense of Herbal Summer

Date(s) - 30/07/2017
5:15 pm - 9:00 pm

Κτημα Λαγκος / Estate Lagkos


Welcome to our walk in our natural kingdom!

Everything begins to move in a slower rhythm late in the afternoon, just a few hours before the end of a summer day… There, in the shady places of scrublands, where lonely trees are scattered here and there, and where in-between you see the purple color of thyme enchanting you these time of the year. Just stand there, close your eyes, and let stunning sweet aroma seduce you and get you drunk! Imagine the bees and butterflies happily flying around your fingers… then open your eyes and see them all right in front of your eyes…

We walk in the rhythm of the summer afternoon keep enjoying the beauty of each picture! We collect thyme, and we get to know the herbs in their natural environment. We meet with oregano, sage, micromeria juliana, marjoram, cistus, dictamo, teucrium…

Made from these herbs we’ll be tasting and drinking tea with thyme honey… The sunset will find us delving into more tastes, eating vegetables and fruits from the land of our estate, and of course… you won’t miss our local wine either!

Our friend Manolis who is a biological farmer and plant lover, will share and offer us the chance to experience and learn how to identify wild edible plants, herbs, and greens that grow in nature, as well as beautiful rare plants only for the pleasure of the eyes. Take a walk with us and enjoy an evening of exploration, foraging, identification and recognition of nature’s wild edible plants and aromatic herbs.

Through a guided walk we will be given the opportunity, through activating your senses, to be able to identify and recognise our plant kingdom. We will see, touch, smell, taste, gather and allow our minds to travel… and step into timelessness.

Meeting place: old school of Paidochori
(Navigation coordinates are:
Paidochori 730 08
35.400487, 24.134887)
Time: gather at 17:15, we will leave at 17:30
Duration of the program: about 3.5 hours.

We close our learning circle by sharing our experiences during a small meal prepared from what we momentarily find in our garden!


Contribution: 10 EUR per person (free for children)
This walk needs 8 people and is limited to 15. If you want to join, please let us know in advance.
Contact: Manolis Petakakis, tel: 6985657133

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