Aromatic Journeys on the island of Crete

Aromatic Journeys on the island of Crete

Date(s) - 19/08/2016 - 26/08/2016
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Orizon Center for Life & Creation


Field trip on the island of Crete
with Ildikó Berecz

We invite you to join a group of like-minded fellows for an unforgettable field-trip to:

› meet local biological farmers and get inspired from their everyday life
› learn about the ethical collection of wild herbs in Crete
› visit the reputable essential oil distillery in the remote village of Kallikratis
› discover essential oils with local characteristics at the organic lavender farm
› walk around the 20 hectares of the amazing Botanical Park & Gardens of Crete
› and experience transformative tranquility beyond activities!

Enjoy the abundant qualities of Crete: ever-changing colours of the sea, heart-warming sun,
breathtaking landscape, wherever you go. And naturally, you will taste the healthy Mediterranean dishes of the traditional Cretan kitchen.

Join us if you are . . .

interested in aromatherapy
touched by botanica and phytotherapy
searching for ways of more natural lifestyles
thinking about a meaningful and active,
 yet easy-going vacation!

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Crete Island

Crete is the largest and most Southern Greek island of the Mediterranean Sea, considered to be the birthplace of the Gods and the cradle of Europe. In recent times, the island has attracted many people – both Greeks and other nationalities – to find a new home on this land. Spiritual leaders from all over the world are visiting Crete and acknowledge the special energy vortex over the island. It is also mentioned as the root chakra of Europe that – just as 5000 years ago – has a special task in raising awareness, developing Earth culture, and bringing Universal balance to a higher level.

Aromatic teaser from Crete

If one is adventurous and fuelled by curiosity, eagle eyes would notice the wonders hidden amongst the mountain rocks in purplish, bluish or mallow colours of splendid Cretan wild oregano (Origanum onites), thyme (Thymus capitatus L.) and sage (Salvia triloba). A sophisticated nose would also smell them blind from their extremely high carvacrol or 1.8-cineol content. The landscape is breathtaking and you unnoticeably run into a rare manifold shrubby plant called Cretan rock rose (Cistus creticus L./Cistus incanus­). It is a sweet smelling plant with hairy leaves and crumpled petals, pink to purple flowers, which is extremely rich in polyphenols, supports the immune system and has other healing properties. Its resin, collected from the furry leaves, is one of the most sought-after components of the perfume industry. The island is also home to winter savory (Satureja thymbra). Its characteristics and uses were described by Dioskourides (a Greek physician, pharmacologist and botanist from the first century AD) as similar to thyme. It is remarkable antiseptic, antibacterial, excellent in infectious or fungal (skin) disease treatments. It stimulates the immune system, and worth highlighting its positive effects on the digestive and urinary system amongst its diverse uses. Collected in the heat of the summer, wild carrot (Daucus carota ssp. maxima) and its seeds provide a very valuable oil used in aromatherapy, regenerating and nourishing the skin, promoting diuresis, aiding the liver and digestion. Just to mention one more of the real specialties with great importance is chastetree fruits also known as monkspepper (Vitex agnus castus) that promotes hormonal balancing and especially exerts the female hormonal system.

Ildiko Berecz, alternative guide

Ildiko is a passionate ambassador of aromatherapy and its life-changing therapeutic effects. She has been using essential oils since she was about 20, however, only started her formal studies and sharing her experiences after she had been involved on a quest to understand and heal endometriosis, a state that badly destroys quality of life. Ildiko was persistent in research and experimentation with alternative therapies realizing that the balance of a healthy body, mind & spirit is the key to a fulfilled life. Ildiko is an intuitive mentor, coach and therapist who is passionate about encouraging self-realisation and stimulating people to find their life-purpose and work out their plan to realise their dreams. Currently pursuing her passion and creativity in the Greek island of Crete, Ildiko is dedicated to aromatherapy, working with locals and visitors alike to foster and promote healthy, sustainable, peaceful and flourishing life on Earth. Ildiko has developed the alternative programme guide to give inspirations for those interested in aromatherapy and a new sort of lifestyle.

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