In my modest way, I’ve been fond of essential oils ever since my twenties, but they started to become seriously part of my life in 2009 as a core practice of my health treatment programme. My curiosity to understand the process was also my utmost interest, and initiated a desire to learn more about herbs and the healing power of nature. My enthusiasm led me to start formal aromatherapy training, but most of all, this is a life passion which brings the beautiful opportunity of life-long learning and adventures.

Frangipani (Plumeria sp.)
Frangipani – a sweet and fruity floral fragrance uplifting and soothing the soul

My passion for aromatherapy took me to new and unknown roads. One of these roads led me to the island of Crete, and on this life transformation journey I finally started to follow my dreams and decided to turn them into a reality. I had a strong passion about Crete, its nature and culture, aromatic plans, herbs and oils and I was very keen to be part of it somehow. With a bit of uncertainty about how this all can be part of my life, but I carried on walking this path.

As a reward of my courage, willpower and respectful approach I was guided to meet with local farmers, herbalists, distillers, researchers and a number of amazing people. I did go with the flow and took my time to spend a lot of time in nature and together with all these lovely human beings in their magic world of aromatic plants. I also wanted to see their lives, hear their stories, understand their struggles, learn from their wisdom, enjoy their company and have a feel and new experiences of a life that was previously unknown and hidden to me. Besides many intimate moments I carry in my heart, I felt the call to share a number of my stories with a wider audience and these come into life and being collected under the umbrella of the aromatic adventures category.

Some in-depth narrative about the whys and the wherefores of the big life-changing stage of my journey is in the interview Transit to Crete Island.

Eventually, this Aromatherapy Journal section will be filled with many exciting things too… including various uses of herb, essential oils and their blending for well-being, healing, personal development, household care and more. Until the technical development of this feature is sorted out, please click on the link aromatherapy under the category list to see some articles I published so far.


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