The Power of Authenticity Retreat

Date(s) - 12/10/2019 - 19/10/2019
All Day


Our holistic retreat invites You with the aim to boost your creativity, intuition, and sensory awareness through reflective activities and botanical field trips, while giving an insight into the very essence of a truly aromatic lifestyle. The beauty, abundance, and slow pace Crete offers is perfect to step out, to start a discovery, to learn. An opportunity to embrace connecting with Nature and Yourself, and engage on the path of authentic conscious living.

Experimental learning from the combined wisdom of an organic lavender grower, wild harvester, distiller, aromatherapist, natural cosmetics maker, botanical perfumer,
authentic brand creator & intuitive mentor.










What The Power of Authenticity retreat program offers is an in-depth understanding of a sustainable personality, and guidance on dancing with multiple passions engaged with creativity, visual arts & holistic therapies.

Is this RETREAT for YOU?

The Power of Authenticity retreat has been created primarily for women who:

❀  Love being in nature and to meet plants in their environment,
❀  Enjoy travelling and discovering new lands and cultures,
❀  Ready to reveal how natural cosmetics and aromatic medicine relate,
❀ Want to connect the dots from growing plants, harvesting and extraction methods, to using plant materials and formulating products,
❀  Explore more about aromatic plants and how everything is connected in making herbal formulations and cosmetics,
❀  Curious, openminded, and like to connect with likeminded people,
❀  Interested in conscious living and aromatherapy,
❀  Having a deep desire to walk further on their aromatic path,
❀  Open to see the world with a holistic approach.

If you are captivated by scent and colour, mesmerised by the magic of plants, and are interested to know how you can work with them to create something beneficial for yourself or others, than this retreat is for you!

The Power of Authenticity

❀ Come with an Open Heart and put preconceptions and expectations aside.

❀ Enjoy the Different Walks of Life we people come from, and trust the organic process to evolve for your best.

❀ Cultivate more awareness for small details of Your Authentic Self and Natural Botanical Formulations

❀ Find the magic in natural scents. To work with them, to live with them as they add pleasure, joy and comfort to any practice and lifestyle.

❀ Raise Your Consciousness, Find Your Joy in the many moments of everyday life, and become more Trustfully Purposeful in turning your dreams into reality.

Our fragrant hands-on program

Our program is a special retreat, a combination of discovery field-trips and a series of aromatic workshops where we create all this space, time, dedication and support to bring you into a truly inspiring botanical experience.

HOW TO JOIN The Retreat?

If you’d like to be part of an open-hearted learning circle, be more authentic, and as such contribute to a pure and heart-centred world, please give us the pleasure of telling us a bit about Yourself when applying. We are interested in your current self and some ideas of where you are heading to. If you can commit yourself to participating in our program, please send us an introduction to enrol your application. Upon receiving your inquiry with your personal introduction, we will get back to you to confirm your participation and discuss further if questions come up.

For more information and the inquiry form, please head over to our main Retreat page at Mar Galliti skin care & botanicals website.


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